Pro version is the same as above but also has the
ability to remotely control your characters
on real time

Virtual Ventriloquist!
You putting words in others mouths!
What do I get in ProKit ?

       1. The Virtual Ventriloquist App Pro and the app store version coming soon
       2. Johns personal routines ,video demonstrations and personal instruction
       3. Unlimited use,free updates and upgrades. No charge
       4. The customizable magic mote
       5. A special iPad cover to perform walk-around ventriloquism

       * Stand out amongst the competition with the future of our art
       * Great for walk around ventriloquism
       * Fantastic for children's Birthday market Every age relates to technology
       * No more need to wait years for a figure to be built
       * Unlimited supply of charters to choose from only limited by your imagination
       * You can make any character come to life in a minutes notice with a picture
       * Live snapshots are transformed onto virtual dummies in a moments notice
       * Swap between as many characters you choose in an instant
       * Use any photo in your library or any photo just taken
       * Great for Corporate work. Have a CEO's message on multiple screens from any celebrity